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Rowan Gerety

FIRE helped Rowan Moore Gerety's Esquire investigation.

Latest FIRE-supported investigation

Freelance Investigative Reporters & Editors (FIRE) is pleased to share the latest success from the legal services program supported by Craig Newmark Philanthropies—an Esquire magazine investigation on police accountability 

Rowan Moore Gerety’s 18-month investigation “Who Writes the Rules for Cops?” uncovers the role of a private company, Lexipol, in outfitting hundreds of police departments with policy manuals to reduce liability for the police, including for alleged misconduct. 

Knowing that he was reporting on a litigious subject, Moore Gerety was concerned that his contract did not provide him liability protections in case the article prompted a lawsuit. 

FIRE’s attorneys helped him negotiate that legal protection—and a key intellectual property clause. With Esquire’s support, Moore Gerety was able to deliver the story in February, the fifth released under the program. 

But that’s just one story—and freelancing will never become more sustainable without industry-wide tools and standards for working with freelancers, Moore Gerety said, citing the free Contract Template and Contract Principles. “I am so glad FIRE is a part of the landscape.”   

For a profile and the Esquire story, visit here.  

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