A Year in Stories

The latest successes

FIRE's new legal services, supported this year with a generous grant from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, has helped more than a dozen reporters safely advance sensitive investigations, including the four releases below. Additional updates soon.

Stories released in 2021 with the help of FIRE Legal Consultancies:

Cross-border Financial Corruption

By Jason Buch: A money-laundering investigation highlighting the role of U.S. banks, for the Texas Observer

Unearthing Water Issues

By Rachel Layne: Breaking new ground on the implications of a massive aquifer drawdown near the Great Lakes, for the trade publication Water and Wastes Digest

Sexual Misconduct Exposé

By Alexandria Bordas: A two-year exposé of alleged sexual misconduct in California's wine country, for the San Francisco Chronicle

Feeding Fish Farms

By Ian Urbina: A deep dive into the ocean-depleting consequences of Chinese-managed fish farms, for the New Yorker