Successful Landing


 Science magazine took responsibility
for a freelance investigation.

FIRE-aided freelancer finds the right magazine

A major magazine had commissioned a freelance investigation about suspected scam artists in the science world. The story was time-sensitive. It had checked out and was nearing publication. 

The freelancer, Michele Catanzaro, was concerned that the story subjects might sue him over the coverage. He could not afford the exposure.  

But the magazine would not accept the risk of liability arising from the piece that it would publish. It advised Catanzaro to purchase his own media insurance.  

He could not afford such a policy.  

Working with FIRE, Catanzaro successfully negotiated the only viable solution he found left: taking the story to another publication.  

In the end that publication, Science magazine, published the piece in time and fully protected the freelancer, setting a standard for FIRE's upcoming Freelancer Protection Guide.

Full profile of the events here.