Story Wins Award


     FIRE helped freelancer Alison MacAdam       on this award-winning 2022 investigation.

Fending off defamation suit, NHPR
and freelancer earn a Murrow

A story previously veiled by FIRE due to safety issues has just won the 2023 national Edward R. Murrow Award in investigative reporting

FIRE helped freelance editor Alison MacAdam secure indemnification from New Hampshire Public Radio just before it released the story in March 2022. 

But we did not disclose the details due to tense reporting conditions: Just before the story came out the subject of the story had threatened to sue. Just afterward, vandals attacked the homes of journalists involved in the story. 

Since then, the subject sued for defamation, a judge dismissed the lawsuit, the subject contested the dismissal, and federal authorities arrested four men in connection with the vandalism. 

Our full profile of the events here.

The story, an investigation of alleged sexual misconduct by the founder of a major addiction treatment company, received the Murrow award October 9. 

MacAdam also edited the station's podcast about its coverage, "The 13th Step."

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