The Right Intelligence

Who’s figured out how to do good work?

The powerful new FIRE Tip Sheets on freelancer liability make a persuasive case that journalism would be better off relinquishing an outmoded contracting model for a more viable way of fulfilling the public interest.

For publishers and broadcasters, the tip sheets show in detail how treaiting freelancers well actually advances an outlet's interest—ultimately at an advantage over those that don't do so.

In concert with researching the tip sheets, FIRE has provided two years of contract-related legal assistance. The work has produced records of how more than two-dozen outlets have engaged freelance reporters. 

That brings us to the next step: In a project seeded by FIRE's grant from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, FIRE is launching a careful evaluation of the records, with an eye to broadening and deepening them with additional research.

If you’re an unaffiliated reporter, we invite you to contribute relevant intelligence to FIRE’s metrics. All inquiries will be kept strictly anonymous and confidential, so feel free to be in touch, with Subj line "Outlet evaluation." Thanks!