Added Value

Rachel Layne

Veteran reporter Rachel Layne used FIRE's legal assistance to release her environmental story

Service upgrade for freelancers

FIRE is pleased to highlight a year of expansion and promise facilitated by a generous grant from Craig Newmark Philanthropies.

With the Newmark support, FIRE launched a suite of legal services and tools in 2021, augmenting our traditional grants and reporting services:

*) FIRE's Legal Consultancy has helped more than a dozen freelancers like Rachel Layne (right) remove the "chilling effect" of legal exposure, as she put it.

*) the FIRE Contract Template has been requested by dozens of freelancers and outlets as a way to revise or replace untenable contracts.

*) the FIRE Contract Principlesindustry standards for fair and viable treatment of freelancers by publishers, broadcasters, and funders—is now in circulation through multiple networks. More soon!

*) a round of FIRE fact sheets, which will address the tough insurance and liability questions raised at our September roundtable on indemnification, is under vetting for release next month—with huge potential educational benefit for the field.