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Securing an Outlet's Protection

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FIRE Tip Sheets convey expert guidance to help media outlets and freelance reporters arrange viable contracts for public-interest investigations.  The tip sheets below outline why and how a freelancer might negotiate mutually beneficial protection with an outlet.

Securing an Outlet's Protection

Tip Sheets on negotiating indemnification

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On Your Side: When outlets do the right thing 

With a good story, you may have more options than you think


The Basics: Getting it in writing 

Ask and ask, and you may receive 


FIRE Glossary: Legalese made easier 

What the contract actually says 


The Art of the Ask: Requesting protection from an outlet 

How to talk about liability 


Realistic Vows: Making a safe contractual promise 

What a reporter should “warrant and represent” 

About the FIRE Tip Sheets

FIRE Tip Sheets highlight some of the key questions raised at a 2021 FIRE panel on freelancer liability. Future guides will address intellectual property, pay rates, and other key issues for freelancers. An annotated list of the complete FIRE Tip Sheets appears here

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