Award Finalist

FIRE-supported reporter Gretchen Rachel Hammond

Award finalist and FIRE-supported reporter Gretchen Rachel Hammond

Since its founding in 2016, the FIRE program has provided custom reporting services to 150 reporters on a range of stories, including winners of three major awards and finalists for four more.   

A few latest releases below—followed by prior stories.  

  • Gretchen Rachel Hammond (Editorial Consultancy)
    Produced a five-part series on corrupt guardianship laws in Michigan, in 2019, which was a finalist in the 2020 Chicago Society of Professional Journalists (Lisagor) awards.

  • Natasha Haverty (Editorial Consultancy) 
    Created a podcast on prison gerrymandering, the practice of incorrectly counting inmates in the census for political gain, for Reveal in 2020.

  • Karen Landman (Editorial Consultancy)
    Delivered an October, 2020 story on the creation of Georgia's faulty COVID-19 dashboard and its consequences, for Atlanta magazine.

  • Scott Morris (Editorial Consultancy)
    Released a series, published by ProPublica in June 2020, on California businesses that profit from negligent disposal of toxic waste.